Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Experience

This isn’t going to be about individual experiences I had in Hawaii. It is going to be about the broad strokes of this event, mt first, that made it the experience it was. Not to say that Eric’s teachings and Dreamscapes weren’t amazing. They were the cake but what I am going to share now is the icing that make it complete.

The experience of meeting someone you have known your whole life or lives for the first time:

Showing up at the airport in Hilo and being instantly drawn to a group of Navigators waiting for the shuttle. I had walked by other groups of people waiting at the curb but when I got close to this group I just knew. It was an experience that was carried through the whole week. Many times I had great with people only to later realize that you forgot to introduce yourself and had no clue what their name was. You didn’t need introductions since you already knew them. At least that is what it felt like.

Which thinking about it now is well sad. I know not everyone there is active on the Nav. Site or if they are what they go by. So if you are here remind me of who you are.

The experience of being with other White Cells and Navigators:

Sitting around the tables at the dinning lanai during meals or late at night, around the pool, in the Blue Moon room before and after events, down at the point or along the shore, or any other place that people gathered. It was amazing to talk, joke, laugh, discuss, share, listen and just interact with other. You could say it was like being with family but even that doesn’t feel right it is closer that. It was really cool watching the coaches interact with everyone and each other was great. Seeing them in their everyday “I” outside of coaching or filing orders on the phone was a treat.

The experience of group meditation:

This being my first retreat. The amount of energy that was built up and how in sync everyone was it was incredible. I am told that the syncing up so early in the week was new at this retreat. The babbler didn’t have a chance. There was so much energy that my body didn’t know how to deal with it. I often found my body trebling and/or weeping during and afterwards. It can be described only experienced.

They did auction off a flash drive with all the meditation music on it. It would be awesome if that person decided to share it with the rest of us.

The experience of the soundtrack:

I am not talking about the meditation mixes or the dreamscapes. Which were all amazing by the way. What I am refereeing to is the music that the coaches and Eric play before and after each event. It really set the mood so to speak.

Hopefully we can get them all to share some playlists with us. That way we could put together an Across the Universe Soundtrack. You would have to find a way include Tim’s violin pieces though.

That's what I got for now. I am working on the individual experiences. It is kind of hard to do I am finding out. Words seem to be failing the experience but I am trying.